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Milla Jovovich Feet

Milla Jovovich Feet & Legs
Milla Jovovich (born Milica Jovović; December 17, 1975) is a model, actress, musician, and fashion designer.

Milla was born in the Ukraine but moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was a young girl. Unfortunately, her doctor father was convicted and jailed for Medicaid fraud linked to the Russian Mob. Her mother, who had divorced him, had been a well-known actress in Russia. But she was forced to find work as a housecleaner for the rich and famous, including director Brian de Palma. Milla, who assisted her mom on the job, was constantly picked on and abused by her fellow classmates at school because of her ethnicity and her family’s lack of money. (Isn’t it refreshing to hear about a beautiful girl who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth? It just makes her that much hotter.) But Milla persevered, learning three different languages. By the age of 11 she was featured in Revlon’s “Most Unforgettable Women in the World.” Milla told Interview magazine that she always had "natural confidence'" from her strong family background.
"But because I started working so young, there was always that stress and that worry of, “Am I good enough? Am I making the right choices? Am I living up to the potential that my mom and my dad thought that I had?”
Even after she began to have some success, classmates still picked on Jovovich. In high school, kids gave Milla the nickname "raisin boobs" because of her completely flat chest and gigantic nipples, a condition that has never changed. But by 16 she was a world-renowned model who no longer had to clean houses for a living. At 21 Jovovich was a supermodel, known for her classic Eastern European face and long legs as well as those enormous nips in place of her non-existent breasts. Meanwhile, Her father was released from prison in 1999; Milla has a half-brother from his relationship with an Argentinian woman.
Beginning when she was 9, Milla had small roles in a number of movies, and starred in Return to the Blue Lagoon in 1991. But her career stalled when her scenes were largely cut from Dazed and Confused(1993). While that left Milla dazed and confused, she rebounded by focusing on modeling and singing. Her well-received folk-rock album "The Divine Comedy" (1994) led to singing appearances but she stuck to smaller venues, suitable for her small voice. Milla has subsequently released demos of more electronica-type music. She's also sung on soundtracks for the Million Dollar Hotel and projects by her friend Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails.
Jovovich returned to movies in 1997 through French Director Luc Besson, whom she married in that year. He cast Milla as the lead in two over-the-top productions, the sci-fi blockbuster The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis, and the medieval epic Joan of Arc. Some critics praised her performances, and her Jovovich's androgynous build was unexpectedly suited to the roles. The relative box office success of these movies led to Milla being cast by well-known directors in a series of films in 1999-02. But Wim Wenders' Million Dollar Hotel, Michael Winterbottom's The Claim and Bob Rafaelson's No Good Deed all fared poorly at the box office.
Milla's one success during this period was in a secondary role as a stereotypical Russian villainness in the modeling comedy "Zoolander." To revive her career, Milla then turned to doing schlock under the direction of new boyfriend Paul W.S. Anderson. They collaborated on a series of excruciatingly bad but financially successful movies based on the video game Resident Evil. Combined with "The Fifth Element," these movies changed the rail-thin Jovovich's image, turning her from waif into action star, as opposed to an actress. While she remained the flattest working woman in show business, Milla also become one of the hardest working.
Jovovich also benefitted by getting more buff from her action parts. While still thin, she displays some evident muscle tone. On a trip to England to meet Anderson's family, the girls next door recognized her and insisted on autographs. Although not a skilled martial artist, Milla told them she has kept at it for health and confidence as well as roles.
"And then before I left I said, “You know, women are so much cooler than guys because we can do more martial arts. Martial arts are pretty much made for women because we’re quicker and we’re smaller than men, and so we’re faster. You girls really should take martial arts.” And so now Elizabeth, Paul’s sister, told me that four of the girls have signed up for martial arts classes," Milla told Interview.
She's occasionally tried more challenging roles, with limited success. The jury is still out on her acting ability. In 2006, .45 was weighed down by a legendarily bad performance by Angus Macfayen and did poorly despite extensive exposure of Milla's freakishly large nubs.
After a break to give birth in November 2007 to a daughter by Resident Evil director Anderson, Milla retuned to the screen with the tourists-in-trouble thriller A Perfect Getaway with Timothy Olyphant. She starred opposite Edward Norton and Robert De Niro in the confused Stone, but this was another part that simply used Jovoich to attract viewers by taking off her clothes. It didn't work.
But in 2009, Milla's sci-fi release The Fourth Kind momentarily topped the box office. Although it ultimately made less than $50 million worldwide, that was on a reported budget of only $10 million. That success showed that at least the sci-fi audience would follow Milla to small projects.
Jovovich is featured in Dirty Girls with Juno Temple and William H. Macy. It attracted some good notices at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010 and was reportedly picked up by the Weinstein Company.
Jovovich's other 2010 project was her first Russian movie Vykrutasy. Titled Lucky Trouble in English, its release in the US is uncertain.
Milla also stars in Famke Janssen's Bringing Up Bobby. Expected to be released in 2011, it tells the tale of a con artist who moves to Oklahoma with her young son.
To offset that good news, husband Paul Anderson is threatening to make a 3-D version of The Three Musketeers with Milla, on the theory that audiences will pay for anything.

88 Sex Appeal

It goes without saying that Milla Jovovich possesses an incredible amount of sex appeal, as befits her status as a former supermodel. In addition to her gig as a professional clothes horse, Milla established herself as a sexual being early on thanks to roles in risque projects like 1998’s Two Moon Junction and 1991’s Return to the Blue Lagoon. Even when she embarked on her music career in 1994, Milla Jovovich relied on her sexuality to grab the attention of the masses -- as evidenced by the sultry video for the single “Gentleman Who Fell.”

Millica Natasa Jovovic
Kiev, Ukraine

Cheekbones, eyes, long legs, exotic beauty, gigantic nips

Dating directors of her movies, flat boobs, heavy smoker, drugs

Actress, supermodel, fashion designer, singer

Killing zombies in order to save mankind
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